How Does It Work ?

Rewards displayed on your site

The widget will be implemented onto your site and display sports or TV show related offers at the bottom of your page. Customers purchase products or services from your website as normal.

  • We create engaging offers for your customers
  • Our rewards don’t affect your pricing
  • The offers displayed are directly targeted to your audience

Your customers select an offer

Once a purchase is completed the customer confirms the reward and essentially "opts-in" to the offer, at no extra cost.

  • 10% discounts no longer engage customers
  • Our platform gives your customers choice
  • Our offers add excitement based on the sporting or TV event

Confirmation & Reward Paid Out

Your customer gets the specified reward IF they correctly predict the outcome of the selected event. Reward can be configured to your needs. This could be cashback, voucher code, gift card, or service subscription.

  • Incentive to buy more
  • Customer returns for another purchase
  • Give customers that ‘winning’ feeling

What others say...

DiscountIF answering the billion $ question; What's the ROI of Sponsorship?

Tony Kypreos, at Leaders in Sport Summit

We had a 26% opt-in rate with DiscountIF which is high for a marketing tool, and proved real engagement from the customers
Reuben Abela, Head of Marketing at

DiscountIF is a highly innovative company offering businesses an engaging way to increase sales. It was a delight to have them successfully fund on Seedrs
Jeff Lynn, CEO & Co-Founder of

Features & Benefits

Simple Integration

Integrating DiscountIF onto any E-commerce website is achieved through a single script line which needs to be copied onto your site; in the same way you would add Google Analytics to your site.

Personalised Rewards

We set-up sports related offers to match your audience. Your customers are then given a selection of events allowing them to pick and choose the event they find most appealing.

Cost Analysis

Our platform provides you with insights over any potential incurable cost. As a result we are able to calculate the cost for your campaign before we even launch it.

Increase Sales with Interest

It’s been proven that 10% discounts no longer yield the return they used to for ecommerce sites. With DiscountIF the offers presented will garner greater engagement as these will be specifically targeted to your audience.

Improved retention

Our offers give users the chance to get a reward, and when they do, they have to redeem it by revisiting your ecommerce site. Therefore the customer has to return for a repeat purchase to use their newly ‘won’ reward.

Winning Experience

Everyone wants to be a winner; giving your customers that feeling whilst associating with your brand only strengthens their emotional ties with you. Give your customers that feel good feeling!